Case Study: Ekren Construction to Reach $1 Million in Revenue


Client Background

Ekren Construction is a home builder and remodeling contractor in Charlotte, North Carolina that specializes in new construction, additions and remodeling, structural repairs, custom built-ins and trim as well as excavation and grading. Today, the company prides itself on creating great experiences for their customers as well as doing quality work in a stress-free environment.

In many cases, when a client first comes to WinRate for help, they are dealing with the typical problems that are often associated with construction companies. Ekren Construction was no different.

The Problem

Avery Ekren first came to us as a highly skilled general contractor with little to no sales experience, acknowledging the fact that he didn’t have a process or system to keep up with sales and sales activities. One of the main problems was that he was dealing with the “feast or famine” sales. He was getting projects and doing well… and then didn’t know where the next project was coming from. As a highly skilled tradesman that was more than confident his work, Avery lacked the confidence in dealing with clients and their objections. As a result, he spent time dealing with the wrong types of clients and projects. He was stuck in the feast or famine mentality.

Avery Ekren knew that there had to be a better way and asked for help. That’s where WinRate Consulting came in.

Setting Sales and Business Goals

  • To reach $1 Million in sales in 2018, his first full year in business.
  • To build a personalized sales process and system that would work for him as a business owner.
  • To build confidence during client meetings and proposal presentations, and grow his client base with larger scale projects and new home builds.
  • WinRate and Ekren Construction worked together to set activity goals around prospecting, client proposals, sales tracking, and follow up requirements. It was important that they established a sales process in which Avery was comfortable and confident in utilizing, ensuring that it easy to measure and track for personal accountability reasons.

The Solution

Mike worked with Avery and taught him the ground floor of sales. They went through the granular details about how to properly identify, target, qualify, and acquire clients through improved communication, follow through, and follow up.
Through working with him, Mike set him up with a structured 12-week program to teach him start to finish, each step of the construction sales process and how to capitalize on specific activities to reach his goals.


Results & Key Takeaways

  • After the first six weeks of the sales program Avery’s confidence levels were already up due to the systematic approach for handling different client situations.
  • He felt he was able to quickly identify where to find his perfect clients and his confidence during those client meetings and proposal building and delivery was improving.
  • By week ten, his average job size quoted had doubled! Ekren Construction is well on their way to hitting the million dollar goal this year.


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