Your struggle to find and hire the right salesperson

We all know the importance of having the right salesperson. It’s the lifeblood of a business. It’s the reason we do what we do as business owners. Going out and providing a service to solve a problem can only be done through sales. As a business owner, you may not think you’re in sales or good at it, but I promise you are doing it as part of your daily activities.

You are all alone.
This is specific to small businesses. When you’re in small business, all employees have to wear several hats. Most salespeople in medium to large companies have support staff around them that help them do the non-revenue producing activities like estimating, invoicing, and customer support. That being said, pulling someone with significant business sales experience may seem appealing because of experience and how well they present themselves, but this can cause an issue when you ask them to do things they are not very interested or comfortable doing.  

Behaviors of the right salesperson.  
During an interview, it is challenging to determine whether or not the person has real life experience and success selling in the environment and market your business is focused on. The right salespeople are talkers; it’s their nature.  It can be easy for you as the business owner to be distracted by the way they talk about their abilities, experience, and success, causing you to miss the essential part of the conversation on why they were successful. The excellent salespeople, the ones that you need in your business, are the ones that can clearly explain why they were successful. What activities they did day to day, how they overcame challenges and objections with real scenarios in their history, how they structure their day to deliver success, and what they are planning to do in order to bring value immediately within your organization. Anyone can say “I killed it at my sales job!” or “I know how to prospect no problem”. You need to dig deeper in their interviews to make sure they didn’t just have an easy job or a super attainable quota. You need to know that they know how and why they do what they do, because then it is replicable within your business.  

“Why is it so hard to find a good salesperson?”

The right salesperson has passion for what they do.
A big challenge is knowing whether or not a salesperson will enjoy selling your product or service. This can be a big challenge to a new salesperson that thought they would like the product of service, but don’t. As soon as a salesperson loses their passion for the product or service, it’s over. Nothing is worse than watching someone try to sell something they have lost faith in. It’s painful. Once you find a good salesperson, I would recommend getting them to do a ride along on a sales call, whether that’s in person or over the phone, depending on your business.  

Here is the trick to hiring the right salesperson.
No matter how well you follow the process of finding the right salesperson, you can always make a mistake. The one thing I focus on when hiring, is trying to convince them of all the reasons they wouldn’t want the job, and let them sell me on why they want it, why they are the right person for the job, and why my business would be better with them as part of it. Keep in mind, you likely want to hire them! If they can’t even convince you they are the right salesperson for the job, then they will struggle to convince a potential client who doesn’t want to buy your product or service that it’s the right decision for them.   

But there is no way I can find the right salesperson.
If you are at your wit’s end, and you know that if you could improve your sales system, things would break wide open; you have done well in sales and have grown a thriving company, but you know that in order to make your goals for the next 12 months, you are going to have to supercharge you and the team you have; when you are ready to use racing fuel for your company’s sales engine, then please contact me and together we can build the business you have always wanted.  

I am an expert at leading sales teams through coaching and consulting for local business owners in the construction, telecom, and business services industries. I have helped many companies grow regionally and reach multi million sales revenue figures, by providing systems and structures that work long term. Please call me at 704-877-4342 or email me at

I follow a three-step process with each of my clients to get them on track to crush their sales revenue numbers. I do this by first understanding where you are as a sales team and where you want to be. Next, I assess your sales systems and support to ensure that from start to finish your sales process is fine tuned for your company and client base. Lastly, I prepare a three-step action plan and timeline with you and your team to get everyone in top sales performance behaviors. 

I will consult with the management team or owner of the company to assess, plan, and execute a sales system. We look deeply into your business and construct your sales funnel to build a pipeline, as well as a sales system that will be unique to you, therefore helping you generate the revenue you need.

I will train you and your team to be able to use the new sales system and pipeline, so that from start to finish your clients are looked after in the right way. Everything in the sales process will matter to the best outcome, and that will all start with training. In the consulting phase, we build the plan of attack, and this phase is about making sure your team is well trained to do the right behaviors.

After the training phase is complete, I will work with you and your team to ensure that the training and behaviors are being correctly executed. Month after month, the weekly touches with a coach will make sure that there is not a hole in your swing and that we keep crushing the ball out of the park. By using a process of constant improvement and coaching over a series of months, your team will be able to increase your sales revenue over a more extended period. 

If you think you are missing the boat on how to make any of this happen for you business, please shoot me an email!