Why don’t people treat their business or life like video games?

Even as far back as the first Super Mario, people have been consumed by the drive to beat the level, or get to the “Boss” character. Spending hours doing the same thing on that level over and over again with small tweaks, just to move onto the next, harder, version of the same game represented on the next level as new, more difficult challenges.

Games like Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Gears of War have capitalized massively on the human need to be challenged and feel the accomplishment of reaching new levels.

But why do people approach business and life so differently?

Why do you think you can start a business and jump to the “final level” overnight without battling through all the levels to get there?

Why do you think you can go on one interview and get the job of your dreams?

Why do you think you can post your picture on one dating site and end up with Mr. or Mrs. Right?

CHEAT CODES is why. Everyone who wasn’t willing to suffer through the agony of learning and getting better jumped straight to cheat codes. One of the most famous ones on Contra was so widely used they created a brand around the cheat code – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start!

Obviously having unlimited ammo and lives helps you win the game, but that is just not how life works in the real world.

I can tell you from experience that earning things the right way is a lot more gratifying and a much better learning experience than cheating your way through.

Specifically, in business there are wins and losses. Days you crush it and days you wonder why you are in business to begin with. But you have to earn your way through each level to be able to stay at the top when you get there.

Just like reaching a check point in a game means you cannot go back any further than that, in business and life once you have earned/ learned the lesson, you carry that with you forever. You ideally stop making the same mistakes which caused you to level up and gain confidence in yourself and your decision making.

Bottom line, is there are no cheat codes or fast ways to get what you want. It requires you to do the right things every day to get better, and once you learn the lesson, you have leveled up and are ready to take on bigger clients, issues, and solutions which makes you more valuable.

The more valuable you are, the more money you can earn!