Struggling to get and keep quality employees?

This is a big issue for office, sales, and field employees. If you are struggling with turnover, you
may need to look internally at yourself, your leadership, and your overall processes.

Below are some things to be mindful of:
– Even if you have a thousand things in your head, when you’re in front of your employees, or
you’re communicating with them, you can’t be sporadic and all over the place. It’s got to be
very calm, cool, collective and direct conversation. They want to feel like they have your
undivided attention.

– Employees need to feel like you have confidence in them, more than they have in themselves.
They want to know that they’re free to mess up because you got it handled. If you look like
you’re unorganized, you’re not handling anything, and you’re not communicating with
attention, you’re going to lose employees because they have nothing to grab onto, and get
behind… especially if they are new hires. What they learn from your environment in the first 30
days is how they will operate for the duration of their employment.

– Setting clear and consistent expectations is key. You can’t show up to work every week and
change the plan. Employees need to know what the goals are so they can work towards them. If
you are constantly changing the target or priorities, they will think their effort isn’t worth it
because next week they will be doing something different.

– This next one is the BIGGEST miss I see with leadership and high performing employees.
This is clearly not everyone, but a lot of type A, high-performers want and need reassurance
that they are doing a good job. I know, I know. It’s a pain in the ass and not your
communication style to pat people on the back, but just like they need consistency in the
mission they are working towards, they need reassurance they are doing what you want from

Bottom line is, good employees don’t leave jobs or companies, they leave bad leadership. They
want to know that they are bringing value, that they are appreciated, and that they are a part
of the overall success of the business.