How You Should be Using Social Media.

I have talked a lot about social media with clients and how to use it. I have learned all this
through trial and error for both my current business and the last 2 construction companies I
worked for. If you are not following @winrateconsulting on Instagram, please do!
There are many different strategies and ways to attack social media, and even more ways to
spend money on all social platforms. Below are a few of the best practices I have implemented
that have brought success:

1. MORE VIDEO – I know, I know, you don’t like being on camera, you don’t know what to
say, and you don’t want to look stupid. Everyone looks better after doing anything for a
while, so your first step is to get started. I am sure you have heard this before, but here
are some reasons why:

a. People buy from people they know, trust, and like! Just posting before and after
photos, special offers, or just pictures of your work does not get them to build a
relationship with you as a person or company.

b. Video shows who you are, what you sound like, and your communication style,
so people get a decent grasp of who will be coming to their home. It creates
comfortability and relatability that you can only create through video. I would
suggest having any client that faces employees, IE sales, project managers, and
lead carpenters start doing videos for your social media as well. TRUST ME THIS

c. Video is better suited for multiple platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,
Facebook story or Instagram story. A video is a lot more versatile because you
can take a 3-5 min video you post on YouTube and cut out 30-45 second clips for
Facebook or Instagram. Reusing existing content is very efficient and easy to
maintain consistency.

2. Create a schedule – This allows you to plan ahead and create more structure to your
efforts. My schedule is as follows:
a. Monday – Thank God Its Monday
b. Tuesday – Educational Video
c. Wednesday – Picture with quote
d. Thursday – Educational video
e. Friday – Follow up Friday
f. Saturday/Sunday – post personal style pictures and videos to my Instagram story

It doesn’t matter what yours is, or how often, as long as it’s consistent. Your clients will
research you on social media and if you have large gaps between posts it will be obvious
and will be a major turn off. They will think you are at best an inconsistent company and
worse case they will think you are out of business. I have seen that happen, so be
consistent in whatever your schedule is.

3. Posts should have 3 main focuses – Entertain, Educate, Sell – in that order.
a. Entertain – people use social media to entertain themselves, and look at fun
pictures and fun videos. Try to be entertaining. The best way to do that is to be
transparent and vulnerable about what is going on with you and your business.
People LOVE STORIES. They want the real you, and the real shit that is
happening. Give it to them!
b. Educate – you want to add value to your following. Make some of your posts
educational about your product or service, when and why people hire you, what
problems you solve, and how to properly make a decision about paying for a
c. Sell – you only get to sell once you have earned the right to. If you have offers
and calls to action on every single post, you will lose followers instantly. A good
book to read on this in extreme depth is Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary
Vaynerchuck. When you have earned the right to sell through your social
platform, make it very simple to understand, easy for clients to relate to what
you are asking, and a very clear call to action or next step. As a buyer, nothing is
worse than not knowing exactly how to hire you…. Make it simple, straight
forward, and obvious on how to take the next step with you.

There are many ways to go about using social media for your business and these are just a few
of the things I have implemented! Feel free to shoot me an email with any particular questions
or shoot me a DM on Instagram and I will check out your page and give you some direct