Has anyone learned something new recently?
Did it feel like you would never get better and now you can’t imagine being as bad as you were?
When I first started at Verizon Wireless, I didn’t know the systems, the product, the process… really anything. What I did know is how to take payments. It was something I could do successfully. Everyone else hated doing it because it was an activity that didn’t make you commission. But for me, it was the one thing I could do without asking for help or messing it up, so I took on all the payments.
Fast forward 6 months. I also hated taking payments because I figured out how to do everything else, and pretty successfully. Nothing was worse than being in the middle of a bill payment and hear the next person walk in and say, “I am here looking for new phones for my entire family” It would send some reps over the edge!!!
However, ultimately I had learned a new skill that made the previous skill of collecting bill payments obsolete, or at least a waste of time compared to the goal of selling to make commission.
Maybe for you it was a new app, a new piece of equipment, or even a new employee that you look back on and say how did we ever survive without this.
This is the same process I want you to take with your sales process. Look at every step of the process and determine your new level of excellence for that task. Adding things like “yes ma’am” and “no sir”, “thank you” and “please”. You’ll be amazed at how differently clients will treat you, and respond to you, and ultimately trust you, which leads to them wanting to do business with you.
From the first phone call, to the way you walk into their house, to the way you follow up, to how you ask for referrals. Every step can be tweaked to create a better result of the overall machine.
It’s similar to tuning a car in order to make it more effective. I am not asking you to rebuild the entire engine, (sales process is what drives your business) simply add some new parts in order to increase effectiveness of the existing parts.
You can always be better. Until you look closely at every step, you run the risk of making corrections where they are not needed, or worse, where it creates more complexity and confusion. You’ll want to audit the entire process to make sure you make adjustments where it will have the biggest impact and be able to implement them as your new standard of excellence!!!
Check out the next blog post where I break down exactly how I audit, adjust, and create a sales process….