Creating a sales process
The goal of this blog is to help you take the steps to fine tune your sales process and
overall client experience. Forcing you to look at every step and every touch a little
differently will result in an experience your clients will have to tell people about!
Creating a sales process or changing yours can be difficult when you don’t look at
things from the client’s point of view. Intent is everything. If you approach every client
from the perspective of how you can get the most from them, you are likely missing a lot
of key factors, resulting in lost opportunities.

Typically, this is recognized when you go out, meet with the client, send the proposal,
and they ghost you. Never get back to you, never follow up, never tell you what their
decision is. And yes, I know there are a lot of reasons this may happen, but the biggest
reason was you. Trust me, I have been through this, and beat my head against the wall
trying to figure it out, and until I changed my mindset, nothing changed!

If you approach each interaction externally and ask yourself the following 3 questions, I
bet you will see some gaps and issues with your sales process:
First thought is – how can I help them?
How would I want to be treated in this scenario?
How can I make it easier for them to get the answer they are looking for?
These questions force you to be less selfish and more polished in your approach to the
overall client experience.

Here is your exercise:
For each question, first write how it looks for you now. What are you doing currently for
each step? Go through and answer each question honestly.
Then go back and ask yourself the three questions from above and see if the way you
are doing it now provides positive or negative answers to those questions.

What do you say when you answer the phone?
Now ask yourself the 3 client focused questions:

How can I help them? – They are unsure if they called the right person. They don’t know
who they are calling. They don’t want to feel awkward just like you do if you call a place
and are unsure.

How would I want to be treated in this scenario? – I would want to get confirmation I am
actually calling the right place and get the name of the person I am speaking with.

How can I make it easier for them to get the answer they are looking for? – Hello, this is
Mike with WinRate….

You just increased your value to the client, the client experience, and you set the tone
early on with how you communicate.
Simple, Yes. But if you tweak each step, you will look like a totally different company!
Once you are done, you will have documented your entire sales process that you can
now make improvements to, train existing employees with, onboard new employees,
and hold the team accountable to the new standard of excellence.

What do you say when you answer the phone?
What do you ask on the first call?
How do you end the first call?
How do set up the first meeting?
What do you communicate to the client before the first meeting?
What do you do when you arrive at a client’s house?
What do you do at the front door?
What do you do when you walk in?
How do you start the conversation?
How do you collect information?
How do you determine decision timeline, process, and players?
How do you clarify scope?
How do you set next steps?
How do you end the meeting?
What do you do post meeting?

How do you track activity and next steps?
How do you create proposals?
Where do you store proposals?
What is on the proposal?
What are your guarantees and warranties?
What is included when you send a proposal?
How do you set follow up steps?
How do you overcome objections?
What do you do when they say yes?
How do you transition the client to production?
How do you set up payment schedule?
How do you keep up with draw timelines?
How do you invoice?
How do you follow up on invoices?
How do you collect money?
How do you send receipts for payments?
How do you show appreciation?
How do you ask for referrals?
How do you follow up post completion of the project?

If you want help going through this, I am happy to set up a sales audit with you. Just
shoot me an email and we can get something scheduled!