Once you find good candidates what differentiates the continuation of a strong culture is your hiring and on boarding process.

Things to avoid:

      • Leaving your candidates hanging without timelines and next steps. Everyone hates the limbo of not knowing what is happening or when it will happen.
      • Having an unorganized or unprofessional offer letter
      • Doing anything verbally. Personal opinion but I think all things like this as far as final job description, expectations, roles and responsibilities, compensation package needs to all be in writing
      • Being unprepared for them when they start. IE have their necessary applications equipment or tools prepared for them

The last point is the most important. If that person shows up to work, the last thing you want is that person to be slowed down because you don’t have their access or computer or business cards or systems set up for them.

It sets a terrible example of how your business runs. Imagine being a carpenter who showed up to work expecting the material he needs to be there, so he can get to work right away, and it’s not there.

Office, sales, and operations employees are not different. It’s better to delay the start day by a month, than bring them in before you are ready to support them in the goals you set forth for that position.

You want them to know, “We are here to get shit done and we show up prepared and we operate with proactive transparent communication

Don’t expect more from your employees than they can expect from you. It’ll never work! EVER.

If you have ever caught yourself saying something along the lines of “Yea but I am the owner/manager/crew lead” you are the reason you have culture and employee retention issues….

 Chew on that.

Win Fast, Win Often