Prospecting for Business Development:

There is only so much you can do passively or through social media to gain market share.

Sometimes you just need to pick up the phone and make calls, send emails, connect via DM, to put your message in front of more of the right people.

This is one of the hardest hurdles I see in the industry.I will let you in on a secret, call reluctance is a problem in every industry for salespeople.

Trying to come up with the perfect line or the perfect ice breaker or the perfect talk track to get around the gatekeeper will be the biggest thing that causes paralysis by analysis.

You will never be perfect.

You will never be ready.

You will never know all the things that may happen.

You will never have all the information you wish you had.

But a question as simple as; “Would you benefit from a relationship with a (insert your business)”

Yes?, Great. No? No problem… *moves on*

They are not going to reach through the phone and punch you in the ear! The only failure would be lack of action.

A lot of home service companies approach client acquisition and business development like a retail, brick and mortar store. The door only swings in and only when someone comes to the front door.

Sometimes that isn’t enough…

Sometimes that doesn’t bring the quality you are looking for…

Sometimes that approach puts your business on the verge of shutting down or going bankrupt…

Don’t wait till it’s an emergency. Do the basics every week and you’ll be amazed at the results by going out there and grabbing what it is you want…

The best example of this is the comparison between the jellyfish and the shark; the jellyfish hangs out and eats whatever swims close enough to get caught in its tentacles.The shark goes out and hunts for what it wants to eat. Be more like the shark and you’ll eat better and more often!!!