There is no such thing as a neutral step….

Either it is moving you closer to where you want to go or farther away.

It makes you look at each decision a little differently doesn’t it?

A big thing I focus on every Sunday is preparing for the week. Setting up my days with a plan to execute on.

Each day has its own focus activity and tasks to go along with it.

The biggest game changer in this for me was the fact I could look ahead and think about what would get in my way or stop me from moving toward the goal.

It seems simple but looking back over the last year or two that I have focused on the right thing on Sunday my weeks and activity have gone incredibly smoother.

  • Less distractions
  • Less failures
  • Less incomplete tasks
  • Less frustration
  • Less uncertainty on what to do
  • Less overwhelmed feelings looking at the to-do list

I read the sentence “there are no neutral steps” this morning and it hit me right between the eyes.

  • Every decision
  • Every movement
  • Every conversation
  • Every post
  • Every blog
  • Every podcast episode
  • Every client meeting
  • Everything I eat
  • Every work out
  • Every worship experiences

Everything I do needs to be focused on moving in the right direction.

  • Moving towards God
  • Moving a towards being a great husband
  • Moving towards being a great Father
  • Moving towards helping more people
  • Moving towards learning more
  • Moving towards teaching more
  • Moving towards being the change this industry needs…

Am I perfect? no. But if there are no neutral steps every decision becomes a lot more important. And not that I need to stress about every decision, but I must look at it through the lens of “Will this move me towards the goal or away from it?”

Then judge for yourself how impactful it is…

Only you can decide how important that goal is and how long you want it to take to get you there…

So, if there are no neutral steps, what will you do this week to move in the right direction?