If you need to see success before you get committed, you’ll never have either.

I see this all the time with my coaching clients when it comes to doing something new, especially video creation. I hear a lot of,” Mike, I know I need to do it but I’m just not comfortable.”
Or” I don’t like the way I look on camera!”
News flash!!!!
It is the same face you use in a person with clients.
Excuse after excuse happens but I don’t ever let up. Anyone who works with me will be doing video creation one way or another. I will find what works best for that person and help them implement it.
Eventually, they all do it. Everyone eventually starts creating video content consistently.
Then this crazy thing happens, and it starts to work.
They start getting better engagement and start to get clients and make money by doing it.
Now they start to get excited about it and really start to commit.
But they lost weeks, months, or even years if progress because they couldn’t commit to the process until the results were seen.
So why does it take so long to commit?
Why do you need to see success before realizing it’s worth it even though you have seen it work for others?
What would happen if you just committed to something today and stayed committed until you were successful instead of only committing once you have tasted some success??
Nothing successful you have ever seen came without someone committing to the process long before it was successful.
Some give up to early. Most never even begin. You could stand out by just holding firm and staying the path!