This is a lesson from the bible but something that really hit me as my reality.

I have seen a ton of people that are successful tell more stories about the hard times than the easy.

Prouder of the struggle than success. Chicks dig scars, right?

When the storm hits, and the waters get rough is when real faith is tested. Calm waters make it easy to make and follow the plan and stay the course! But when that storm hits are when real faith is required.

When it seems so dark there is no chance or light coming.

When it is so rough you do not think your plan is going to work anymore.
When it is so scary that all you want to do is jump off the ride and find land!
But when you jump off for the safety of the closest land you never get to your true destination.
You are never able to prove to yourself you are capable.
You may be on land and physically safe, but you are stuck with the mental pain of the what if!
What if I stuck it out?
What if I stayed the course?
What if I did not give up?
Maybe it was not as rough as I thought it was?
Maybe I should have given it one more day?
Maybe I should have given myself a chance?

I have been focused every day on the what-ifs and the maybe I should but there has been one thing that has kept me in the boat during these rough seas.
What if I survive!
I have focused on all the people I would be letting down including myself if I give up.
All the people who look to me to see the consistency.
The positivity I try to bring every day no matter what.
The people I have not even met yet who I will influence to survive their storm because I was able to survive mine.
When you jump off the ship it is not just your dream you are giving up on and letting go of.
Its everyone you will never encounter because you took the easy way out.
It is the family you have or will have that will only know the life you settled for.
It takes Faith to stay the course.
Especially when you feel the most unsure and out of control.