…But it did not stop the mission or the vision for SPACE X
So, you must ask yourself. What visions or passions or missions do you have that you gave up on to quickly?
We all run into roadblocks and lack of support along the way! We all have situations where things just do not look the way you thought they would, or people are telling you it is not possible.
I have personally taken two significant leaps in my career. I am in no way trying to compare myself to Elon Musk. I left my comfortable corporate America job to work for a remodeling company that was only doing about $300K gross revenue at the time.
I left my VP position at a roofing company to become a full-time coach. I went from multiple 6 figures to no guaranteed income for the foreseeable future.
Both times I had a vision for more. For better. For chasing my full potential and honestly enjoyment in life.
I was in situations where I was not unsuccessful compared to my peers, but I was nowhere near reaching my full potential, and that is the worst failure out there.
Why only make $250K if you are destined to make $2.5 Million
Elon made $165 Million in his 30s. What if he stopped there?
We are all capable of more.
All it takes is determination. Grit and a reason why!