This week marks the final week of Phase 3 of the Live Hard Program.

This picture is taken in probably the worse physical condition I have ever been in:

It’s a bit surreal to me to be coming to the end of this, so I figured I would share more about my entire journey so you understand how much this has changed my life.

The first time I did #75Hard was spring 2019. Tiffany Claudio and I were in Napa for a birthday trip I had planned for her 30th and we realized we were living for the wrong things and the wrong reasons.

That trip was a bucket list trip and we just felt generally out of place and not like we were doing it for us.
We both made a commitment to make massive changes during that trip. One of them was we were both going to start #75Hard when we got back.

That is also the week I joined the Arete Syndicate and uncovered an entire world of entrepreneurs I didn’t know existed.

Ultimately we went from 7 days of food and wine to me committing to doing whatever was necessary to make changes in how I operated and who I was trying to become.

That first round was by far the hardest most challenging thing I have ever done. PERIOD.

But it also changed everything about how I looked at challenges and how I looked at myself and how few excuses I was able to accept any more. Thankfully, Tiff did it with me and we grew together throughout that process and held each other accountable or it likely would not have happened.

The first 75 Hard experiences changed who I was to the core. It changed how I viewed my life and the people in it. It changed how I approach things and the excuses I was accepting of myself and those around me. It made me aware of a level of mental clarity and execution I didn’t know was even possible.

This is me at the end of my first #75Hard:

I was sitting somewhere around 232 lbs, and I was disappointed because I didn’t get “there.”

I had this dream to see 225 lbs on the scale. I have not seen that number since 9th grade. So here I am, fucking ripped and somehow disappointed. Looking back, I wish I could have enjoyed the progress.

I wish I could have had some pride in what I did, but back then, nothing was ever good enough. It was always, “That’s good but could be better.”

It was a sickness that stole my joy and happiness and ability to enjoy life at all. I made massive progress mentally and physically this first time through #75Hard, but I still found a way not to be happy.

I wish, looking back, I could tell this guy to enjoy it. Be grateful and proud of yourself. I wish I could tell him to enjoy it and stop beating yourself up because you have done more than 99% of people ever will.

You transformed yourself; please take a minute to let it sink in.

But I can’t do that. I can’t go back and tell him anything. But I take these pictures and memory of how I felt and used them to transform my approach this year.

I adjusted to being incredibly excited and proud of what I am doing – knowing I am not done, not even close, but I am proud of myself for the first time in my life, and I will fight harder than I have in my entire life to keep that feeling.

I will not let anyone or anything steal this pride from me, especially not myself!

A lot has transpired since then and now and I will share more of my journey over this week but for now, just know: