Recently I asked my clients for feedback. Specifically, I sent them all a single text.

“This would mean a lot to me if you could answer: What are the biggest changes that have happened in your business and life since working with me?”

The answers blew me away. So in time for Thanksgiving, I wanted to share how thankful I am for these responses, for our clients, and for the difference we make in the lives of those we help.

Remember, if you ask your clients, they will give you feedback. Ask and you shall receive!

Biggest changes from working with you:

1.  Total mindset shift from feeling alone in business to always having a support network.

2.  Holding myself more accountable personally and professionally

3.  Understanding that it does not need to be perfect, it just needs to get done

4.  Failure is not bad as long as you learn from it.

5. Over 50% increase in review

6.  Taking back my time, by managing my time and work flow

7.  Impacting 4 additional peoples lives by providing employment to them.  Along with increased wages for the existing staff.

8.  Became more intentional with personal and work life

I am sure there is more but I hope this helps!


I’ve found a direct correlation between living with more intention and my ability to shut out the chatter that distracts me from the path/goal.

I would to allow myself to get lost in a whirlwind of inner frustration with my personal and professional life. All while telling myself to pick my self up by my bootstraps… even though I never put my boots on to begin with…

“Putting my boots on”:
-Observing the ripple effect of my decision making throughout the day. One bad decision unconsciously leads to another. Ie: Not preparing myself for the day -turns into- eating a meal made up of candy and bullshit -turns into- not getting enough water -turns into- too much screen time -turns into- porn -turns into- poor sleep.. and the cycle can repeat.

Simply watching someone honestly walk the walk and not pretend to be perfect has been incredibly inspiring. While you do have a massive squat bench and deadlift compared to me😜, I know if you can stay on the path I can too.

I’ve been back in the gym for 10 months, haven’t missed a workout and put on 5-8lbs.
And I’m going to hit my one million dollar sales goal or come with $1,000 of it.


Technician starts a painting and coatings company. Zero business knowledge. Manages to grow to $1m revenue. Dogshit profits. No solid foundation. No clear vision. No obtainable goals. Just pure and absolute chaosInterlude-
A handsome fella named Mike Claudio slides up in the DM’s. A few more than a few conversations later, an agreement, commitment, and a leap of faith was made (I say leap of faith because a commitment like this for someone with poor cash flow, surrounded by chaos and fires 24/7, is SCARY AS FUCK.)

Postlude- after nearly a year working with Mike and the WinRate team, our company has a clear view of who we are and where we are going. We are still strategizing on exactly how to get there (hence signing up for another year!) but the vision is there. Our core values are there. The steps are broken down. Middle management and admin help is in place. With little tweaks.. There is order, there is structure, our cash flow has drastically improved, and I can breathe. I have the ability to put my phone down when I get home and spend time with my family. I can leave town for hunting and fishing trips with way less worry. And another huge milestone, my self-confidence and belief is restoring themselves after years of beating myself into the ground.

Notes- I may have come into this with an expectation of some magical potion that was going to just snap me out of hell. But a word of advice to those on the fence- DON’T EXPECT THAT. You have to show up, you have to do the work. You have to be ready to have REAL accountability, the kind that doesn’t sugarcoat things. Mike has the heart of a teddy bear and the roar of a Grizzly. Be prepared. I was stubborn for a good portion of the year, and even though we accomplished insanely impactful things- we could have gotten more done if I would have gotten out of my own way sooner. But as we approach the end of the current year, I’m incredibly excited to get to work and CRUSH the next.