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I Want People To Have Faith In The Construction Industry.

With better sales processes and better communication, we can flip the idea of contractor horror stories on its head while simultaneously increasing your profits.

Hi, I’m Mike Claudio.

I have spent the last 14 years not just selling products but learning how to go out and actually develop business.

My sales and management career started in retail with Verizon Wireless before working in their enterprise sales. During my time in Corporate America, I was given some of the best training in the world and really developed an obsession-like energy for communication and the client experience.

While my formal training is in the corporate setting, I’ve always been pulled towards smaller companies where I could work with entrepreneurs to help them bring big changes to grow their business.

I was a great salesman, but I found my love and passion for the people, processes and services of the construction industry. When I was given the opportunity work with New Leaf Construction, a residential general contracting business in Charlotte, I jumped at the idea of using my experiences and training to help create a sales and client management system specific for this market.

Over two years working with New Leaf Construction, both as a salesman and as their construction sales consultant, the company went from doing a couple hundred thousand a year to well over $1 million  a year. While I can’t take 100% credit, I was able to bring the brand awareness and business development growth that brought New Leaf the bigger, higher paying jobs the owner was looking for.

After helping lay the foundation at New Leaf Construction, I set out looking for new opportunities with construction companies with even bigger growth plans. I was lucky enough to land with Daniel Enterprises, a commercial and residential roofing and siding company, where the owner’s visions for growth aligned very well with my skill set. In my first 12 months with the company I was able to bring in over $2 million in sales and helped the sales team to more than double year-over-year. As of June 2018, Daniel Enterprise is quickly approaching the $5 million mark, already doubling 2017’s $2 million in total sales.

I have proven my system and processes to Identify, Target, Qualify and Acquire clients works. With a heavy focus on communication, follow-through, and follow-up I believe any company can increase sales and profits and I want to be the one to help you do that!

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