Construction Sales Services

Your construction or home services company can move toward a predictable sales pipeline with my effective sales services.

There are an unlimited number of sources out there for guides on how to make a company more successful through effective marketing efforts. However, broad spectrum approaches don’t serve all industries. I’m Mike Claudio, owner of WinRate Consulting, and during my 5 years in the construction and home services industry and 15 years in sales, I learned that it takes an innovative sales process to grow a construction or home services company. Rather than attempt to guide all industries to improve, I’ve chosen to concentrate on what I know best: home services and construction sales services.

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The construction and home services industry itself may not have changed much over the years, but reaching the right clients in the right way certainly has. What may have worked to generate leads and close a sale a few years ago may not be working for you now. What you need is a predictable sales pipeline so you can concentrate on satisfying clients instead of looking for them. As a home services and construction sales services consultant, I offer a variety of options that will help your construction or home services company identify and target the perfect clients, and then qualify those leads and acquire the projects that will make your construction or home services company far more successful. With my online courses, group training, and one-on-one coaching services, you’ll have the support that fits your schedule and objectives. I am also available for speaking engagements for associations. I’m more than happy to hop on the phone with you for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss how my home services and construction sales services can be of benefit to your company. Reach out today, and this year could just become the best year ever for your company!

Online Courses

Over 50 lessons taken at your pace.

Every construction or home services company owner faces the challenge of getting new business to keep the project pipeline full. When you find yourself feeling like a hamster in a wheel, dealing with lead after lead just to get one or two projects, it is frustrating to say the least. You most likely got into the construction or home services business because you like to build things, yet may find you don’t get to do as much of that as you would like. Not only does that make you feel unaccomplished, but you may also be feeling stressed and overwhelmed about not meeting your financial goals.


One-on-one Coaching

Get in-depth coaching specific to you!

The world is full of self-help books, business practices guides, marketing textbooks, and the like. The one thing they all have in common is that they are generalizations that are intended to fit the majority of situations, but won’t cover every potential one. I’m Mike Claudio, owner of WinRate Consulting, and I believe that for your construction or home services company to achieve its greatest level of success, you would benefit most from my one-on-one coaching sessions.


Group Training

Ideal training for your sales team.

Running a successful construction or home services company involves having experienced and talented contractors to complete the work, as well as the ability to keep your sales pipeline filled with quality projects. With construction and home services sales-specific training, you can build confidence in your community and attract the types of clients you are looking for. I’m Mike Claudio, owner of WinRate Consulting, and I have developed a proven system that incorporates new and modern marketing strategies specific to the construction and home services industry.


Speaking Engagements

An ideal addition to your upcoming event.

The construction and home services industry is not like most others when it comes to effectively growing a business. It takes a lot of hard work to instill confidence in the mind of the public when there are so many horror stories out there. If your organization is working to change the image of this industry, providing information to your members about better sales processes and communication can make a difference.


Mastermind Groups

I have created two different groups to choose from, one focuses on leadership and mindset. The other is for those trying to create a presence and brand on social media.


The Winning Mindset Mastermind Group

Inking Wins Mastermind Group


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Mike helped DOUBLE our average quoted job size! We’re well on our way to hitting our dollar goals this year.


Avery Ekren


CEO Ekren Construction

Case Study

With the WinRate programs, the business owner received a structured 12-week program to teach him from start to finish, each step of the construction sales process and how to capitalize on specific activities to reach his goals.

  • WHO: Avery Ekren
  • BUSINESS: Ekren Construction, Home Builder & Remodeling Contractor in Charlotte, NC
  • PROBLEM 1: Lack of sales comfortability and confidence (e.g. client meetings, proposal presentations)
  • PROBLEM 2: Feast or famine sales
  • GOAL: Reach $1 Million in sales in 2018

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