Today was very knowledgeable and informative. I’m happy I could attend today’s event and learn a few new things and change my perspective on some of my own daily routines.
Schadmi H.

Loved it! Great info. Very informative. Looking forward to listening to the podcasts and attending another one of your events!
Anna F.

WinRate revolutionized the way I think and run my business. Mike taught me how to message prospects properly and develop rapport with them on the spot. He also helped me navigate an extremely sensitive situation within my team and helped talk me through the ins and outs of each direction, so that we could grow together. He helped take one revenue of our business and grow it by a third, and through that, grow one of my team members to over a six-figure revenue stream. Most of all, he developed my business acumen, which is something my peers continue to notice today. Highly recommend not only for growth in sales, but for overall business growth. 
Aron Babaa

Head of Client Relations, Fleek Consulting

Whether you are a business that has systems in place for sales, growth, etc. or a brand new business just starting up, Mike’s course will definitely have something for you and guarantee you won’t leave without some bit of knowledge. Our company does have a pretty good sales process currently, but with that being said, there is always room for improvement, and Mike showed me that when I attended his course. I would highly recommend any business owner who has hit a plateau with growth or even just in a slump right now to reach out to Mike and see what he can do for you; what does it hurt to make the call!?
Dan D.


The event was exceptional! Thank you so much for coming and teaching everyone who attended something new. Will see you soon and looking to schedule another event with you soon!
Patrick B.

Fantastic presentation! Knowledgeable, insightful, responsive and completely relevant to our members’ needs. Thank you!
Regina B.

Working with Mike at WinRate consulting was a great experience. His business acumen and knowledge were mind-blowing in almost every meeting I had with him. He would work through a ton of my problems that I was having with my business, and he would come up with a solution almost in an instant and something I have never thought of. Also the organization skills he taught me were as valuable as the price of admission. The organization of meetings and time blocked out to concentrate on what needs to be accomplished gave me a lot less stress and worry. The workshop he put on was valuable, as well, where he broke down the sales process and how it should look to be as professional as a sales presentation should be. All-in-all, working with Mike was a very valuable experience to say the least, and I will be back to hire him again in the near future. 
David Gross

Owner, We Got You Covered

It’s hard to take time out of our busy days for training, but Mike’s Win Fast Sales Workshop was definitely worth the time. There was much information that backed up what I already knew but also a lot of points that I did not. Of these new points, I took away many. Even just a couple of takeaways make it well worth the investment. I would recommend Mike’s workshop to anyone in the industry, whether you are new or a veteran. 
Roger K.


I loved it! Thanks so much for the invite to the group and your presentation today. I already started listening to your podcasts on the way home. I’m ready to win fast!
Samantha O.

One of the best presentations I have seen in a very long time! Your passion for living your best life (while improving others) is inspiring.
Vanessa D.

For any small business, hiring the right sales person/team is beyond critical.  After a less-than-ideal first hire in late 2016, I was struggling with how to move forward and had resigned myself to not hiring again for at least a year. During a quick lunch with Mike, my perspective and outlook changed dramatically.  During our meeting, we reviewed my original hire and that experience.  He then walked me through a paradigm shift that saw me looking not smaller, but bigger. He helped me identify a process for identifying candidates and key characteristics and processes that were going to be central to a successful hire.  He also got me to change my outlook on a process for getting the right person out in the field faster and more efficiently. Mike also had me look inward about my role as a leader and my responsibilities in the process of hiring and on-boarding a new team member. As a result of this brief meeting, I had a significant change in outlook and plan to bring on a new sales representative.  While some luck came into play, I’ve been able to identify, hire and release a top-level talent into the field that I am proud to have represent me and my company. I can only imagine what a more comprehensive program with Mike could lead to for a small business looking to hire, train and develop a sales team or program.
Dan K.


It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Mike Claudio. We have been working for the last six months, and the input and collaboration that I have from Mike have been invaluable. Having the right process to prospect and the right sales process is important for any business, and Mike has helped us to have that in our business. I would recommend his service to anyone who is looking to grow their business!
Mario M.