“After 5 years in the construction industry and 15 years in sales, I’ve learned the top reason quality construction companies don’t grow and aren’t referred is due to issues with communication.”

– Mike Claudio, Founder of WinRate

How WinRate Can Help You

You can increase revenue and profitability with my repeatable process for closing deals. How? Through improved communication, follow-through, and follow-up techniques. My construction sales training gives you the structure for reaching your goals and growing your construction business.

WinRate is right for you…

If you’re tired of not having enough time for the right activities…

You need an achievable and attainable schedule to help you manage your time, focus on the right activities, and create more of a work/life balance through the goal-setting program.

If you’re tired of working with the wrong clients…

My standard process helps you target and qualify the right types of clients, which increases revenue and profitability. It all happens through the business development program.

If you’re tired of letting leads slip through the cracks…

You need help setting up a structured system for activities that will lead you towards closing the right type of clients and making more money through the accountability and tracking program.

WinRate helped me grow my business to 7 figures in less than 12 months. Mike is a hustler!

Avery Ekren



Ekren Construction

Helping construction companies create a predictable sales pipeline through qualifying better leads and better communication!

Hear it from me, Mike Claudio, Owner of WinRate

Learn the story of how I started WinRate and why I strive to help construction companies drive sales with a repeatable process.


No Bullshit, Just Results

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Construction Company Finds Perfect Clients and Increases Average Job Size by Double

Learn how WinRate helped Ekren Construction identify where to find their perfect clients, resulting in increasing their average job size quoted by double.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, your goals are not met or I was unable to provide value, 100% of your money will be refunded. Some restrictions may apply.

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